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Jinfengyuan focuses on the research and development, production, and sales of acrylic resin, UV curable resin, water-based resin, polyester resin, amino resin, and polymer materials for coatings and inks. Committed to putting technology at the core and transforming leading technological research results into social value. We have established the core values of "customer-centric and employee wealth" and are committed to jointly enhancing the value of the enterprise, customers, and employees, and sharing profits.

The ISO9001 quality system runs through the entire process of product development, synthesis, quality, warehousing and transportation, and after-sales service. We have implemented ERP precise management, adopted advanced domestic production equipment and leading inspection instruments, established a research and development team with rich theoretical and practical experience in the industry, and have extensive technical cooperation and exchange with Taiwan resin enterprises, domestic research institutions, and higher education institutions.

AAA level credit enterprise of the Ministry of Commerce, demonstration unit of the national trustworthy transaction guarantee service system, member unit of the China Coatings Industry Association, director unit of the Shenzhen Surface Treatment Industry Association, ISO14001 international environmental system certification enterprise, ISO9001 international quality system certification enterprise.

research and development
A senior technical research and development team, pursuing outstanding product features, high cost-effectiveness, and stable quality, while also taking into account customers' personalized needs for the product: allowing customers to fully enjoy value-added services. Building industry brands and core competitiveness.

The professional resin synthesis team strictly follows the process formula repeatedly demonstrated and tested by the technical team and the requirements of the ISO9001 quality system for production control, ensuring the good reputation of "stable quality" of Jinfengyuan products.

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